“Sooooo good!” 
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 4, 2016
Menu is several pages. This made it difficult to decide what to have as everything sounded so good and the place smelled like heaven! Had a nice visit with owner who explained they had just opened in December at the Poipu Shopping Mall. His wife is Thai and opened a restaurant in Australia 25 years ago. They also have restaurants in Colorado and opening in Breckenridge shortly. Very friendly and helpful! Husband had the Beef Pad Bowl. It was HUGE and he finally gave up and couldn't eat the whole thing! I had the Green Curry Chicken which was served with Jasmine rice. It was excellent! I ordered it as a 3, and could have definitely had a level 4. They also have live Hawaiian music every night according to owner. Would love to return!


“Savory Thai & Japanese food in Poipu, Kauai from the best restaurant on the Island” 
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed May 25, 2016
Owners Paula & Kirk Coult and our amazing server Richie, who also tended the bar delivered the best Thai food I've had this side of Thailand. The fresh whole fish was amazing, with light spices, jasmine rice; the Tom Kha Kai, coconut chicken soup was the measure I judge a great Thai restaurant by and yum, yum doesn't begin to do justice to this delightful soup; the Moscow Mule Richie served up and the fine wine---wow!
Top this off with the dessert and the music by Surfah and you are dancing, whether you actually get up and dance or not.


5.0 Star Rating 7/4/2016 
We came here by accident, and I am glad we found it!! This is the best curry I have had in at least 12 years. Fantastic. I had shrimp panang curry medium heat. Outstanding!!!  We were all so very happy with our meals. My wife ordered a sushi dinner and I "sampled" (ate half of) her meal as well. Very very good. Helpful and courteous staff. I have nothing bad to say, which is very rare......


5.0 Star Rating 6/4/2016  
This place is the best!! The food is delicious, you can either get sushi or Thai food. Everything I've had has been so tasty, you can't go wrong. I especially enjoyed all of the sushi rolls. The service is great as well. We were staying across the street at the Kiahuna plantation and got sushi to go to eat in the beach, then we came back later that night to sing karaoke! We met the owner who couldn't have been nicer. Thank you for your hospitality letting us sing so many songs!! If you are in Poipu you have to check out Bangkok Happy Bowl for lunch or dinner and make sure you join them on Thursday nights (sometimes Fridays too) for karaoke!

“Good food and Great entertainment.”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed June 15, 2016
I went there for the first time two weeks ago to hear my friend Shardey Reed play her guitar and sing on a wednesday night. The setting was quite convivial and the food was great. I had the vegetarian spring rolls and an asian stir fry. Both were very good. This place is quite busy and seemed to appeal to people from all walks of life. Going back again.


“Excellent Food” 
5 of 5 stars
— Reviewed May 30, 2016
Went here for the 1st time, and the food was out of this world, drunken rice, the almond chicken the deep fried banana, Chee whooooo it was great. The service was Perfect. I will now make it a regular stop as I am in Kauai every couple months..... Highly recommend stopping here.


“Consistent and quality experience” 
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed May 21, 2016
Since I live on Kauai I visit this restaurant frequently. consistently the food is delicious, I am worried when their current chef leaves and can only hope they will find someone just as good as she. I love that they have added the sushi bar. Here are my typical pro's and con's. Cons: Poipu shopping village parking is horrible, not the restaurants fault but if you want to find parking avoid 5:30-7:30. Same goes for quick service at the restaurant. They have a fantastic policy of telling you when they are running behind do the the place being so popular, so atleast they tell you in advance your food will take an hr during busy times. Pros: Consistently delish! Good quality ingrediants. I love that their restaurant ran so smoothly right when it open. This tells me it is managed well. Plus they must being doing something right to have other sister restaurants!


5.0 Star Rating — 7/16/2016 
Best place to eat thus far in Poipu. In the middle of July, was quickly seated and served food on a Friday night. Phad Thai and Pineapple Fried Rice was absolutely delicious. Nothing was left on our plates. We're coming back again before we leave the island.


5.0 Star Rating 5/27/2016 
Very nice food and friendly staff. We ate spring rolls, Pad Thai (vegan), eggplant and panang curry (tofu) and they were all yummy and cost was reasonable too.